Measurement invariacne - creation of a publication ready table

Measurement invariance

This post is dedicated to one particular problem: how to create publication ready table, after conducting measurement invariance testing in R.

There are done many nice tutorials about how to conduct measurement equivalence via latent variable analysis package - lavaan in R or in related packages like semTools. Btw, many thanks to Erin Buchanan for her very instructive tutorials!

However after invariance testing is done, it is sometimes not easy to report its results in a structured way which is easy to read and publication ready.

To start more broadly, as I like time efficient way to conduct statistical analysis and report its results, I have looked in the past for some easy way how to create publication ready table - ideally in the APA format. I spend some relatively long time to find out the most efficient way, but I still could not find satisfactory solution. For this reason, I have put different peaces of code together on my own.

Below you can find a step by step procedure, which results in a publication ready table. The example used here is a one paper, which me and my colleagues recently published. study code for all analysis and for measurement invariance testing can be found on the OSF repository.

1. Data loading

At first we load example dataset

##      speed           dist       
##  Min.   : 4.0   Min.   :  2.00  
##  1st Qu.:12.0   1st Qu.: 26.00  
##  Median :15.0   Median : 36.00  
##  Mean   :15.4   Mean   : 42.98  
##  3rd Qu.:19.0   3rd Qu.: 56.00  
##  Max.   :25.0   Max.   :120.00


You can also embed plots, for example:

A fancy pie chart.

Figure 1: A fancy pie chart.

Ay oou can see in the 1 there are some missing values in the data

Lukas Novak
Lukas Novak

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